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Hydraulic Fittings Are Free For Testing, 45 Days Bulk Production.

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JIC, NPT, BSPT, Metric, SAE, BSPP are available from Rhineland.

Our hydro fittings and hydraulic adapters are 100% tested and qualified.

JIC Hydraulic Fitting

JIC adapters are also the most frequently used adapters worldwide. For JIC adapters, both the JIC male and JIC female have 37 degree flare seat and straight threads.

METRIC Hydraulic Fitting

Metric Adapters Include DIN Bite Type Tube Fittings 24° Cone DIN2353, Metric Thread 60° Cone DIN7631, as well as Metric Thread ISO6149.

BSPP Hydraulic Fitting

SPP(British Standard Pipe Parallel) Adapter is popular in Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia. The male half of a BSPP Adapter has a 30 degree seat.

NPT Hydraulic Fitting

NPT male adapters have a taper thread that wedges into the female NPT adapter, and a seal is formed when the two are crushed together.

BSPT Hydraulic Fitting

The BSPT adapter is similar to NPT adapter but they are not interchangeable for the difference of thread pitch. BSPT fitting but they will not seal perfectly.

JIS Fittings

NPSM(National Pipe Straight Mechanical) adapter are female swivel pipe fittings with a straight thread and a 30 degree cone to form seal with NPTF male pipe fittings.

Customized Hydraulic Fitting

Customized Hydraulic fitting can meet the requirements of various special fluid connection projects for guests.

We get the technical support of excellent professionals and can fully deal with the research and development of various types of hydraulic pipe fittings.

We Service For Hydraulic Fittings Solution

High-quality hydraulic adapters for all your fluid transfers types of equipment, plugs, caps, elbows, and tees to help you make the correct connections.

Hydraulic fittings and adapter for Robotics

Hydraulic Fittings And Adapter For Robotics

Our hydraulic fitting is used in the robotics industry. We provide various types of hydraulic fitting and adapter for legged robots and manipulator projects.

Hydraulic Fittings And Adapter For Hydraulic Power Units

We provide customized high-pressure hydraulic adapters. The hydraulic power unit is an independent system. All hydraulic connection parts work under high pressure.

Hydraulic fittings and adapter for hydraulic power units
Hydraulic fittings and adapter for diesel engine

Hydraulic Fittings And Adapter For Diesel Engine

We have cooperated with diesel engine factories and provided hydraulic parts services for internal combustion engines of freight trucks, large tractors, locomotives, and ships.

Hydraulic Fittings And Adapters For Hydralic Presses

Hydraulic presses require hydraulic fitting to be corrosion-resistant, and the surface treatment of our products can be adapted to the needs of various hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic fittings and adapters for hydraulic presses
Hydraulic fittings and adapters for milling equipments

Hydraulic Fittings And Adapters For Mining Equipments

High-quality hydraulic adapter and fitting for repairing mining machinery and equipment, which are suitable for drilling rigs, draglines, bulldozers, graders and wheeled bulldozers, etc.

Hydraulic Fitting And Adapter For Agricultural Equipment

Provide hydro fittings and adapters for agricultural machinery factories and hydraulic adapters for agricultural equipment hydraulic systems, and develop new hydraulic items together.

Hydraulic fitting and adapter for Agricultural equipment

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hydraulic fittings
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hydraulic fittings and adapters

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Hydraulic fitting and adapters manufactruer with 10 years production Experience, Rhineland Company Limited serves OEM market has provided the highest quality standards and technology in the hydraulic market from 2011.

To present. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is our commitment to all of our present and future customers. We will provide quality workmanship, as well as cost-effective service solutions

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