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Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings

Hydraulic adapters are the important parts of a hydraulic system, it connect the hydraulic hose, hydraulic tubes. It helps to control and guide the flow of high-pressure fluid in the hydraulic pipe, prevent the leakage of the connecting part and maintain the pressure of the internal fluid.

Most hydraulic adapters and fittings have a male and female component that come together to form a connection.

Main Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

Leading the way into the future with premium quality hydraulic adapter fittings.

JIC Hydraulic Adapters

JIC Hydraulic Adapters

JIC adapters according to SAE design for low and medium pressure loads. Available with different thread end options. By flare, we can connect these adapters also with steel tubing. used by North America and South America.
BSPP adapters

BSPP Adapters

The BSPP adapter is a parallel thread fitting that uses a bonded seal ring to seal. the seal has been sandwiched between a shoulder on the male connector and the face of the female connector.
Metric adapters

Metric Adapters

Metric adapters include male to femail end, two male ends, or two female ends. Regardless of the combination, you can expect one end to have a standard thread and the other end to have a metric thread.

BSPT Adapters

BSPT adapters angle of the threads is 55 degrees. For many sizes of BSPT pipe, the thread pitch is different than NPT. Therefore, a male NPT will sometimes fit a BSPT connector or vice versa, they will not seal.

NPT Hydraulic Adapters

NPT adapters have a tapered thread that fits into the female NPT adapter.accoding to "roundness principle", which means the male stretches the female fitting until there is such force that the connection can hold pressure.

JIS Adapters

30 ° Seat Adapters (JIS) address market requirements for OEM and aftermarket accessories used as hose adapters in equipment designed. JIS adapters comply with JIS B2351 and B8363 standards.