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Hydraulic fitting Manufacturer

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer in China, Rhineland company focus on the production of High-quality hydraulic fittings and adapters only.

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer Since 2011

The Hydraulic fitting manufacturer that has worked for hydraulic adapters and fittings since 2011, Rhineland Company Limited serves the OEM market has provided the highest quality standard fittings and technology support for the hydraulic project markets.

We will provide quality workmanship, as well as cost-effective service solutions, on-time delivery of all hydraulic products, including but not limited to hydraulic adapters and fittings and proportional products in the various spectrum of the hydraulic industries.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our commitment to all of our present and future customers.

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer in Production

Hot Forging

According to the drawings, select the hot forging die material that meets the requirements; or choose the hexagonal steel bar or round steel bar saw to cut into shorter and fixed lengths of fitting billets.

CNC Milling

Processed blanks are precisely processed on a CNC machine tool to make the inner and outer circles and threads to meet the size requirements; ensure the surface roughness requirements; sharp edge chamfers.

Surface Plating

Surface plating is coated with a layer of zinc to play a surface treatment technology for aesthetics, rust prevention, etc., the zinc coating is very thin, it is Cr3+ and will not have much influence on the thread, the tolerance is 4h6h.

100% inspection

Fitting’s surface must not have obvious defects such as scratches, cracks, etc.
The thread must not be deformed, nicked, or scratched
Internal cleansing, incapable foreign matter, dirt, rust phenomenon

Seaworthy Packing

Each end of the hydraulic fitting is covered with a plastic cap. According to the size, it is packed in a single transparent plastic bag in integers and then packed in a strong carton. Finally, it is installed according to the maximum weight of each wooden pallet of 800KGS The cartons are fixed with wooden pallets.

“A fitting Is Valuable, Not Because Of The Size, But Becuase the Right Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer”

CEO – Jie Chou

Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer Advantage


Raw Material

The purchase of raw materials is based on the billet requirements of the assembly drawings, and the raw material supplier provides the original Mill testing report.



CNC Machines
152 sets
hot forging Machines
2 x 150 tones
1 x 300 tones
1 x 400 tones



Therefore, the drilling is in accordance with the requirements of the production standard, and the margin is reserved, and the surface is clean and scratch-free.



Precision machining finished products, from thread size, inner hole size requirements. We can according to customer requirements, the smallest tolerance can reach +/-0.01



In the production process of all hydraulic fittings, the inspector conducts an online inspection every half an hour and makes a record. The workers take measurements every 15 minutes and report the data to inspectors.



Identification and Traceability, From raw materials to shipment, the data of every process and every link is recorded,
With a definite source, you can find the source of the problem in reverse.



Our packing according to customer requirements, individual pipes can be individually packaged and then packed into cartons. Or in integer numbers, packed into plastic bags and then packed into cartons. each carton loaded max 20kgs.



Our fastest delivery time for the whole container is 40 days. If you need the goods in a hurry, we have standard hydraulic fittings that can be shipped within three days. customized hydraulic fittings, max within 60 days after the drawing is confirmed.



We provide assembly requirements and assembly methods for various hydraulic fittings. Provide 3 years warranty, If there are any objections, free replacement for new products. we will take the freight cost. also, replace it within 5 working days.

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Hydraulic fitting Manufacturer

The hydraulic fitting suppler's ability

Be hydraulic adapters and fittings manufacturer – Rhineland Company has an area of ​​5,600 square meters, more than 4,000 square meters of factory buildings, 56 employees, 15% of the total number of engineering technology, We are the annual output of 6,000,000 pieces of hydraulic fittings and adapters supplier.

The mission of hydraulic fitting manufacturer

To continue responding to the needs of our clients by providing an efficient and effective service to consultations with solutions that constantly meet the demands of today’s industry.

To continually provide high-quality, safe, and reliable products and solutions that offer our customers a competitive advantage. Maintain our vision through the continuous development of our staff through the participation of training programs that stimulate best practices.

Why the Hydraulic fitting manufacturer

We are the manufacturer of hydraulic accessories that has to know the processes well every step of the way.

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer do fast delivery

Be manufacturers for hydraulic fittings can better control product inventory and availability.

Unique customization capabilities

Tailor our approach to your needs. we often design and manufacture custom hydraulic seals with unique dimensions and configurations.
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Hydraulic fitting manufacturer know

Understand that your customers trust you, just like you trust us, no matter when the order arrives, we can provide them with the products they need quickly and inexpensively. Because we own the manufacturing process, we naturally have a vested interest in the success of your project or application.

Hydraulic fitting manufacturer manage

Manage a large inventory and we know what we have on hand. Our products are reliable and we work hard to prepare them for shipment, reducing overall downtime for our customers. We are equipped with a dedicated team of experts who can provide you with support, advice, and ensure that the parts you order are the perfect job.

our team of experts are here for you

If your application requires modifications, these are a natural part of our job description.

May you want to ask

The Answers from hydraulic fitting manufacturer

Our main markets are in North America and Europe, of course our products are also very popular in other countries

Yes, we provide customized services. If you have special requirements or minor changes, please contact our technical department.

Professional suggestions, perfect drawings, you can also request samples

We have a large stock of various specifications of standard hydraulic fittings and adapters,

If it is a standard hydraulic products, it can be shipped from our inventory within 3 days. If it is a customized product, based on our experience, it will take 60 days at the earliest.

For amount less than USD5000, should 100% payment in adance. bulk production for big order, please check it with our sales dept.

Yes, If you have installation problems, or product performance problems, we can answer for you.

If the delivery is delayed due to force majeure, we will not be liable. If the delivery is delayed due to our own reasons, we will pay a 2% fine every week. Our delivery on time rate is 99%