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You need more than just hydraulic adapters, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 10 years to build your brand. Let us help you to solve your hydraulic issue. As a leading professional hydraulic adapters manufacturer in China, We focus to produce high-quality and top-safe products.


A Partner You can Trust

No matter what style of hydraulic adapters you want, based on our extensive experience, we will design the hydraulic adapters according to your projects and manufacture them. In particular, different materials we can supply, steel or stainless steel. Our hydraulic adapters can be designed to fit your application pressure.

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Type of Hydraulic Adapters

The Hydraulic fitting manufacturer that has worked for hydraulic adapters and fittings since 2011, Rhineland Company Limited serves the OEM market has provided the highest quality standard fittings and technology support for the hydraulic project markets.

We will provide quality workmanship, as well as cost-effective service solutions, on-time delivery of all hydraulic products, including but not limited to hydraulic adapters and fittings and proportional products in the various spectrum of the hydraulic industries.

Raw Material

The purchase of raw materials is based on the billet requirements of the assembly drawings, and the raw material supplier provides the original Mill testing report.


Precision machining finished products, from thread size, inner hole size requirements. We can according to customer requirements, the smallest tolerance can reach +/-0.01


Therefore, the drilling is in accordance with the requirements of the production standard, and the margin is reserved, and the surface is clean and scratch-free.


In the production process of all hydraulic fittings, the inspector conducts an online inspection every half an hour and makes a record. The workers take measurements every 15 minutes and report the data to inspectors.

FAQ About Us

High-quality hydraulic adapters for all your fluid transfers types of equipment, plugs, caps, elbows, and tees to help you make the correct connections.

To present. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is our commitment to all of our present and future customers. We will provide quality workmanship, as well as cost-effective service solutions

What Is Your Main Markets?

Our main markets are in North America and Europe, of course our products are also very popular in other countries

Do You Have Stocks?

We have a large stock of various specifications of standard hydraulic fittings and adapters,

What Is Your Fast Delivery Time?

If it is a standard hydraulic products, it can be shipped from our inventory within 3 days. If it is a customized product, based on our experience, it will take 60 days at the earliest.

Do You Help For Customized Products?

Yes, we provide customized services. If you have special requirements or minor changes, please contact our technical department.

What Can I Expect In The Process?

Professional suggestions, perfect drawings, you can also request samples

What Is Your Payment Terms?

For amount less than USD5000, should 100% payment in adance. bulk production for big order, please check it with our sales dept.

Any Idea For Delay Shipment?

If the delivery is delayed due to force majeure, we will not be liable. If the delivery is delayed due to our own reasons, we will pay a 2% fine every week. Our delivery on time rate is 99%

Now let's enhance the value of your product!

We do not only produce hydraulic adapters, we also consider the overall cost and safe for our customers and provide the perfect design of fittings and adapters to enhance the product life. You only need to provide us with a size, and our physical samples will be presented to you.