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Pipe Swivel Adapters

Pipe swivel adapters and fittings are one of the most common types of hydraulic fittings. NPSM swivel adapters add versatility to the male NPT pipe and adapter connection. It is particularly suitable for manufacturers and end-users who value versatility. Therefore, manufacturers can specify NPSM adapters for easy pipe assembly.

We manufacture a full line of NPSM Pipe Rotation Adapters. Fourteen configurations are available as standard, most are available in steel and stainless steel. Our pipe swivels are designed for use with pipe fittings and male NPT / NPTF adapters with seats machined at 30 °.

Pipe To Pipe Swivel fitting

Pipe To Pipe Swivel included Pipe To pipe Swivel Union, Pipe To Pipe Swivel straight, Pipe To Pipe Swivel Elbows.

Part Number: 1404, 1405, 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504.

Tube Dual Swivel Union

Pipe Dual Swivel Union, the ends thread type is Female Pipe Swivel to Female Pipe Swivel.

Part Number: 1406

Tube Branch Tee Swivel

Pipe Swivel Branch Tee, the thread ends type is Male pipe, Female pipe Swivel, and Female pipe Swivel.

Part Number: 1601, 1602

O Ring To Pipe Swivel

O-Ring To Pipe Swivel, the thread ends type is Male O-Ring to Female Pipe Swivel.

Part Number:6900, 6901, 6902

Switch pipe swivel fittings are designed to SAE J514 specifications.

Unlike most threaded pipe fittings, NPSM swivel adapters do not close the thread. NPSM rotary connections include non-taper threaded connections. The seal is completed between the swing nose and the NPT pipe thread mating seat. This creates a metal-to-metal seal.

Male NPT connectors should have a 30 ° seat to ensure a good seal. A sheet filled inside at 30 ° with a requirement of at least 125Ra. See SAE J516 for specific requirements for a 30 ° enclosure.

In the end, not all the men of the NPT have a 30 ° seat. The space with 30 pages includes notes.