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SAE O-Ring Adapters

SAE O-ring adapters are used to close straight threaded tubing systems. As with other SAE O-ring fittings in the static design application, it provides a seal between two mating components. Unlike most SAE o-ring fittings, they do not fit fully into a ring or neck. Male threaded tube fittings have a grooved part with a radius that holds the o-ring.

Mating parts, such as regular or cylindrical ports, typically have chamfered faces that compress the SAE O-rings diagonally. Two straight wires to make sure the tube connection is secure, the compression o-ring is almost complete.

SAE O-Ring Unions

SAE O-Ring Unions, the thread type is Male O-Ring To Male O-Ring.

Part Number: 6403

SAE O-Ring Adjustable Unions

SAE O-Ring Adjustable Unions, the thread type is Male O-Ring To Male O-Ring.

Part Number: 6403-NWO

SAE O-Ring Plugs

SAE O-Ring Plugs, the thread type is Male O-Ring .

Part Number: 6408, and 6408-HHP

SAE O-Ring Expanders

SAE O-Ring Expanders, the thread type is Male O-Ring to Female O-Ring .

Part Number: 6410

SAE O-Ring Union Elbows

O-Ring Union Elbow 90D, the thread type is Male O-Ring to Male O-Ring.

Part Number: 6407

SAE O-Ring Street Elbows

O-Ring Street Elbow 90D, the thread type is Male O-Ring to Female O-Ring.

Part Number: 6815

SAE O-Ring Branch Tee

O-Ring Branch Tee, the thread type is Female O-Ring, Female O-Ring, and Male O-Ring.

Part Number: 6832

SAE O-Ring Run Tee

O-Ring Run Tee, the thread type is Male O-Ring, Female O-Ring, and Female O-Ring.

Part Number: 6835

O-Ring Adapter Seals

SAE O-ring adapters and fittings are typically used in high-pressure applications, therefore hardness 90 NBR or FKM O-rings are typically specified. However, they can be produced in a variety of hardnesses and most rubber gasket polymers.

English / American system

Many US military and industrial specialists describe the design of fittings and flanges as well as o-rings. Most of the related o-rings now fall under the AS 568 o-ring specification and are referred to as -9 (XX) series o-rings. With the exception of -901, the last two digits of the o-ring slide indicate the size (1 / 16th of an inch) that will fit and seal in use. Thus, O-rings -906 are used for 3/8 “OD tube fittings and -916 is used for 1” OD tube fittings. O-rings are specified for use with tube fittings up to 2 “OD.

O-Ring Fittings measures

One of the most common uses is defined by ISO 6149. This special section describes the design of the fitting, port, and O-ring. Unlike the US system, the ISO 6149 size is defined by the port thread size, not the OD tube. Thirteen sizes have been defined, from M8 x 1 to M60 x 2.