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Various Uses Of O-Ring Face Seal

SAE J1453 O-ring fittings are widely used in hydraulic lines of all-terrain vehicles such as tractors, combines and other heavy machinery used in construction. The components of the all-terrain vehicle have vibration and operating frequency, which makes it important to reduce or eliminate the number of leak points and the occurrence of leaks. The SAE J1453 standard for ORFS fittings covers parts, thread, fitting and o-ring material, hydraulic system performance, including connection of the nut to the o-ring face of the pipe rod.


A simple but important application of SAE J1453 ORFS fittings is turbine flow meters used in hydraulic fluids. Turbine flowmeter is used to measure all flow rates and flowmeters. As fluid flows through the measuring shaft, it easily moves to rotate the turbine vane on an axis along the center of the turbine housing while monitoring flow. Turbine flowmeter plays an important role in many

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Applications

  • Turbine hydraulic control unit, liquid fuel control systems,Lifting / Leveling and Lubricant Skid plant medicine
  • Electro-hydraulic control (EHC)
  • General equipment
  • Generators and transformer
  • Hydraulic fracturing operation
  • Auxiliary lubrication systems in hydroelectric power stations
  • All-terrain, construction, and agricultural equipment
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Oil and gas wells
  • Wind turbines

Flow meters, including NPT end fittings, require modification and may have multiple leak points. However, equipment using O-ring fittings does not need to be modified, requires less space for meter installation, and has less leakage. Another important feature in many applications using ORFS fittings and traditional metal sealing fittings is that manufacturers can extend the warranty period of their equipment by reducing leak points.